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Toby Colliver Sculpture

D.D. Palmer portrait: Text

D.D.Palmer portrait bust

Founder of Chiropractic

This is a hand cast portrait bust of D.D. Palmer in solid cold cast bronze resin. Celebrate the founder of the Chiropractic profession and honour his legacy by displaying this beautiful sculpture in your office or at home.

There are already editions in England, Scotland, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, and of course the USA.

I am a chiropractor myself here in the UK and sculpted this portrait in clay. This formed the original, from which all subsequent editions are cast.

The busts are made to order and each one is individually numbered.

  • Height: 45 centimetres

  • Width: 20 centimetres

  • Depth: 17 centimetres

Price: £895 (or equivalent in your currency)

Please allow a 6-8 week maximum lead time from order to delivery as the casting process is intricate and each step needs adequate time and skill.

Secure shipping available worldwide. (Free within UK only).

*Any taxes in receiving country are the liability of the customer*

Please click here for my order form.

Or contact me for further information.

More of my work here.

D.D. Palmer portrait: Welcome
D.D. Palmer portrait: Image
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